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"Stevie Legend's Mood Swings" is an instrumental keyboard work dedicated to his Grandmother Nanny, with tributes to Sheila, and his deceased son Tiger.  It was recorded in 1995 and 96 on Carnival Ships. 

All music was written and played by Stevie. Drum tracks where added at an Aruba studio, by Chip Lewis, guitar by Howard Ellis, with bassist, and vocalist, Sheila Darcy. 

The music is a representation of the different moods of Stevie, as named by Sheila, get the pun? It was ment to be more of an artistic indever than a commercial one.  Mixed and Mastered in Hilton Head Island, with production done at Disc Makers.  

The art work is a compilation of some of Stevie's lizard paintings.  

Listen to all of Mood Swings at , copys  available now for $10.00

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Please have a listen:

Nanny's Song

Night Whispers

Morning Whipsers